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Miscellaneous Information


While Brian was doing his undergraduate at Brigham Young University (BYU), he was inspired by the work of Bishnu Adhikari, a civil engineering humanitarian who builds infrastructure for the impoverished mountain villages of Nepal. Inspired by a desire to be a humanitarian, Brian decided to go into water engineering, knowing that clean drinking water is one of the most desperate needs in third-world countries. Brian is now making a splash in our Cedar City office as an E.I.T working on water and municipal projects in southern Utah. If you have any referrals for clients or need his services, send information up his pipeline. In case you haven’t noticed, Brian is famous for his dry sense of humor. Outside of work, Brian loves to hike, bike, play frisbee, watch BYU Football, cheer on his home team (The New England Patriots), and spend time with his wife and son.

 Brian is located at our Cedar City Office.